Reading by candle light

During any given weekend, I spend the majority of my time relaxing either with a book in my hands, in front of the computer or in front of the TV. And usually, I don’t think much about what that might mean in terms of my energy usage. I’m not the sort of person that thinks about everything I consume every day – I try to be conscientious about recycling my trash, using public transportation and turning out electric equipment in rooms I’m not using, but that’s about as far as it goes.

Tonight between 20.30 and 21.30 the whole world comes together to turn off their light and electrical equipment for just 1 hour for Earth Hour. To show how much of a difference even one tiny hour makes in a whole year, and to make a statement. Perhaps about just how much we use electricity and often in situations where maybe we could have performed the same task with just a little more effort and a lot of saved energy.

Earth Hour1

I’m not going to preach. I believe that each intelligent person does as much as they can to help make sure this world is alive and well for as long as possible. And tonight, making a statement and using a little less energy can happily coincide with just I was planning on doing anyway.
So, at 20.30, I will turn off all the lights and unplug all but the most necessary cables (I need to keep on the fridge, otherwise how will the ice cream survive!?), light a circle of candles around my reading chair and spend (at least) the next hour travelling to a magical land.

The way I see it that’s what I’d be doing anyway, and the loveliness of making it even more cosy with candles and hot tea and really disconnecting from the outside world, while celebrating that actual world (without the computers and TVs and dish washers) for just one hour is perfect.

If you’re also planning to spend your Saturday night travelling the wonders of literary worlds, why don’t you join me in doing it in the soft glow of candlelight… for an hour… for the earth?


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