I am not a Book Reviewer

I am Book Lover. I absolutely adore everything about books – from their shape, to their smell, their history, buying them and of course their contents! And perhaps as much as anything, I love very few things more than rambling about books to others.

So, what do you do, when you want to share and gush about all the great books and be inspired and discuss and learn? Why, you start a Book Blog, of course! Where you can review all those lovely books that you read and have deep (and fun) discussions about their qualities and writing. Great!

Book Review

Except… what happens when you realise that you are in fact not very good at writing reviews at all? When you realise that you don’t want to compose eloquent mini-theses and delve into the hidden depths of the novel? Or that even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be very good at it, because that’s just not how you relate to books? What then?
Can you even have a Book Blog without actual reviews? Won’t someone come after you for having a book blog (no capitals!) with completely biased and not very well-written thoughts and feelings? Can I really just be allowed to ramble on about books?

To me, a Book Blog should be filled with snarky reviews, soul-gazingly brilliant analysis and the kind of writing that takes your breath away, and I know several blogs like that and I hang on their every word.
But after having done this Book Blogging business for a little while now, I have to admit (both to myself and to you, dear reader), that I will never be one of that elusive group. Or even the wannabe group that writes somewhat funny or interesting reviews – I quite like them too, I just can’t do what they do…

So, where does that leave us? You and me? The blogger (no capital B here) and the Hopeful Reader (you, who on the other hand gets 2 capital letters for being so awesome! And because most of the hopefulness is probably mine…)

Well, here’s what I propose: As we know that I will never be a good reviewer and not any kind of proper book blogger either, how about you come here and expect me to ramble, rave, gush, glow, rage, ponder, wonder and generally just go pretty nuts about books in a very unstructured way, and then I promise you that I will do my utmost to live up to that expectation? Deal?

4 thoughts on “I am not a Book Reviewer

  1. Gør præcis som du vil – det er din blog og det er dig, der bestemmer rammerne. Jeg er sikker på, at det nok skal blive underholdende/spændende, og så gør det jo ikke noget, at bogblogs er forskellige 🙂

    • Tak for tilliden! Det er meget værdsat, og du har jo helt ret. Det er nok heller ikke så meget andres forventninger til bloggen som det er mine egne – man vil så gerne gøre sit bedste, og ligeså godt som dem man beundrer, men nogle gange må man bare erkende, at sådan kan man ikke selv gøre 🙂

  2. Egentligt er alle anmeldelser en form for ramblings, synes jeg 😀 Det bliver det i hvert fald hurtigt, især hvis man er begejstret og fingrene løber af med en.

    Men jeg nyder virkelig din blog, og jeg vil nyde den uanset hvordan du beslutter dig for at strukturere det hele 🙂

    • Tak, sødeste Rikke! Og ja, de fleste anmeldelser er nok ret vrøvlende, men når man så læser anmeldelser fra folk, der virkelig kan noget med det skrevne *host* som dig *host*, så det virkelig føles som om man bare rambler uden nogen form for struktur eller mening 🙂

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