It’s time… A decision

It’s time for a decision. A very difficult one, but necessary.

I love reading, and I love spreading my love of books and discussing the wonderful literary worlds, but finding and taking the time to properly share that love here on the blog is somehow not happening. I have no real idea why.

I love reading about books and have a thousand ideas about what I’d like to discuss on the blog, but for some reason, weeks pass and nothing appears. I plan and arrange and think, and then the second I sit down in front of a blank post page: nothing. There’s no doubt that a lot of it comes from the fact that I write and sit in front of computer all day for work, and that my amount of both physical and mental freedom and energy is considerably less today than it was when I decided to start this second blog. But I just can’t get past the fact that I so want this, and yet somehow don’t manage to do the actual writing.

Book Review

I’ve wondered and discussed the future of blogging in my life with both myself and the Hubby. I never wondered about the books – they are always there even if I’m not feeling too inspired 🙂
This is nothing new. Anyone who follows either this blog or my other Danish blog will know that calling my blogging “irregular” or “sporadic” is being extremely kind. It’s probably more correct to call it “almost non-existent”, and that’s still being pretty nice about it.

Something has to happen. Something has to give. And no matter how much I wish it were different, I have to be honest with myself and realise that I’m at a point in my life where there is just not a whole lot of space and energy for running two blogs and actually enjoying it.
So, thought it breaks my heart to have to write this, for now – and for an undetermined amount of time – I have to close down “The Girl Who Loved to Read”.

Probably, no one will much notice as there’s been so little activity for so long. However, if you are one the very lovely and amazing people who might care just a little, my plan (and I say this with some trepidation) is to go back to focusing on my main blog Twenty Years From Now, so hopefully, you can still come visit me when I do my “sporadic” blogging over there.
As some of you might know, that blog is focused primarily on my experience with living abroad and is in Danish, but I plan to incorporate more writings about the beloved books over there and implement some things that would let my international readers join in as well. I won’t give up entirely yet, so I hope that those of you who haven’t given up entirely on me yet either will come by Twenty Years From Now and say hi.

Thank you all SO much for reading and following and commenting! You’re what has made this whole thing fun and worth and so hard to let go, and I hope to still see you around – I definitely haven’t lost any interest in following you all, so I’ll continue to pop around and say hi wherever you are. See you!


6 thoughts on “It’s time… A decision

  1. I’ll miss your posts, sporadic as they are, but as the lack of activity on my own blog shows, I completely understand the difficulty! I need to learn Danish so I can read the other blog :).

    • Thanks, Dani 🙂

      I’m so sad, but have to face reality, and I’d rather stop than constantly feel bad about it… Unfortunately.

      As for the other blog, using Google will actually give you a pretty decent translation in case you want to give it a try 😉

    • Tak for de fine ord, Karin 🙂 Det er heller ikke helt med min gode vilje, men der er netop ikke nok til det hele, og så må man vælge, så man i stedet kan oprigtigt hygge sig med det man så forhåbentlig har mere tid til. Jeg lover at stadig snakke en del om bøger ovre på Twenty Years From Now også 😉

  2. Åh, hvor vil jeg savne dit lille bogunivers. Men jeg er glad for, du ikke forsvinder helt og fortsætter på din anden blog, hvor jeg troligt vil følge med 🙂 <3

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